Oil Free Cooling Invisible Bronzing Serum
With Tattoo Fade Protecting Complex

GET RIPPED™ is an extreme bronzing formula that delivers a refreshing cooling sensation to the skin. The oil free serum provides a fast delivery system so you can get your tan on faster. The tattoo fade protecting complex prevents fading of your body art, while the Nouritan™ tanning technology helps to accelerate the tanning process so you experience fast, dark, long lasting results! An amazing Midnight Passion fragrance completes this unique blend.


  • Oil Free serum
  • Cooling bronzer formula
  • Unique Tattoo Fade Protecting Complex
  • Provides anti-aging and skin-firming benefits
  • Nouritan™ Tanning Technologies
  • Midnight Passion fragrance


  • Nouritan™ Technology – a complex mixture of tanning activators and accelerators encapsulated within a delivery system that is designed to quickly penetrate the skin and stimulate Tyrosine activity to promote an even and long lasting, dark tan.
  • Ideal Lift™ Technology – Improves elasticity and skin tightness while helping to fight against skin sagging
  • Ordenone – Eliminates the after tan odor

Tan Enhancer, Bronzer, Cooling
Bottle Size 13.5oz Packet Size .7oz