Wicked Dark Bronzing Formula
With Anti-Reddening Perfecting Complex

BLOWOUT™ is a light DHA bronzer blended with natural bronzers and an unique anti-reddening complex that helps you achieve a natural, bronzed color without any reddish tint to the skin. This formula was developed to help balance and detoxify the skin while also providing firming and anti-aging benefits. A desirable Island Botanicals fragrance is perfect for all tanners.

Bronzing blend featuring DHA and natural bronzers
Anti-Reddening Complex
Detoxifies and Revitalizes the skin
Firming and anti-aging benefits
Island Botanicals fragrance

Blended with DHA and natural bronzers
Caffeine and Green Tea Extracts – Energize, firm and tighten the skin
Lychee Fruit Extracts – Natural vitamins and essential oils help to firm and tighten the skin, while revitalizing and detoxifying
Anti-Reddening Formula – Allows the skin to develop a bronzed glow reducing any reddish tint

Tan Enhancer, Bronzer
Bottle Size 10oz Packet Size .7oz