Custom Spray Tanning – A Base to Start The Summer Off Right

Radiance Tanning Salon’s Custom Airbrush Tanning can be suitable for many situations and events, such as weddings, vacations, and beauty pageants.  It is also a great way to set a base tan for the summer season.

The sun can cause severe burn and damage to all skin types.  For those who burn more easily, there are key ways to protect your skin.  Building a base tan, moisturizing, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and wearing the proper SPF is essential.  If you are eager to get an early start on your radiant glow, a custom airbrush spray can get you going. It is then supported by levels of and scheduled UV Tanning sessions to maintain that just off the beach glow.  Trained and skilled technicians can assess your goals and offer the right process to attain those goals and keep your skin healthy.