Airbrush Spray Tans Vs Booth Spray Tans

What’s the difference between a booth spray tan and a Radiance Custom Air Brush Spray Tan?

Years of experience, personal service, attention to detail and organic quality solution!  Cosmetic self-tanning whether in a spray booth, do it yourself at home, or custom salon service has very little to no room for error.   You know this first hand if you have ever tried to tan yourself at home. Sometimes the results in a booth are not much better; tans may develop uneven, streaky and orange.

In a spray tan booth, you do not have control over when and where solution sprays your skin. With a Radiance Custom Spray Tan, you’re assured to receive a flawless tan. We have years of experience, our HVLP (high-velocity low pressure) system is one of the best in the industry allowing complete control over solution application, providing a fine even mist onto your skin. We will direct you in positioning to assure that all areas tanning are sprayed, paying special attention to common areas of difficulty like the wrist and feet. You will not have to worry about orange finger nails or toe nails we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we have the ability to customize the color to you!! With proper preparation and maintenance your tan will last 7 to 10 days compared to 3-5 days with a booth spray, in essence saving time and money!

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